Why Choose Tooth No 7 For Dental Implants In Houstan, TX?

Why Choose Tooth No 7 For Dental Implants In Houstan, TX?

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First of all, we would like to extend a warmest welcome to you from TOOTH | No.7. We are honored that you are considering us for your dental care, and we don't take this responsibility lightly. Our philosophy is simple. We sincerely CARE for you as a friend. We want to pamper you to ensure that you are COMFORTABLE. And, we genuinely enjoy the process of CRAFTING you the most natural and beautiful smile.


Our dental philosophy centers on you; and thus, we aim to deliver you the individually comprehensive care. We believe in prevention, as it maintains best your optimal health and significantly reduces the amount of dental treatments you may later need.


To further enhance your experience, we carters every aspects of our practice to serve you: from the first moment you walk in to the time we spend together during treatment, etc. We continue to break the set mold, to constantly evolve and deliver you the life-time dental experience.


Dentistry is an art, and striving for the pinnacle of its excellence is what makes us feel alive every day. Every tooth has it's own size and shape; and each of its curvature, contour, ridges and crevices are there for a specific reason. We yearn to capture its true shape and restore its true function whether it is an intricate veneer or a simple filling. We believe a tooth can only be happiest and most confident when it is done right; and we are genuinely happy to help!

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