The Beginner’s Guide To Weaves

The Beginner’s Guide To Weaves

Cheap Human Hair

If you’ve just decided to get your first human hair weave, you may be daunted by the variety in the marketplace. Just which one is right for your needs? Well, we’ll cover all that and more in this short guide to weaves. Let’s first have a look at the types of hair that go into weaves.

Types of Hair:

Synthetic Hair

This is the cheapest hair that goes into making weaves, and should be avoided as much as possible. It’s made of microfibers, and will be destroyed if you apply any heat at all.

Human Hair

While human hair cannot be dyed, and there is a limit to the amount of heat that can be applied to it, this is a definite upgrade from synthetic hair.

Virgin Hair

This is what you should go for if you’re planning on using a lot of heat or dying your hair. Virgin hair comes from donors, and is the most reliable and durable hair you’ll find, lasting for over two years with the right maintenance.

Remy Hair

Virgin remy hair refers to a particular kind of human hair. Remy hair keeps the cuticle intact, meaning all the strands run in the same direction. This means that you will not have to deal with the shedding and tangling that occurs with other hair extensions. With the right care, you can wear Remy hair for 6 to 8 weeks, and then remove and reapply it. Recommend to buy our brazilian straight hair.

How Much Hair Should I Get?

This really depends on your own preferences: how long do you want the hair to be? The longer it is, the more bundles of hair you will need. As a rule of thumb, begin with two bundles and take it from there.

How Can You Tell If the Hair is Genuinely of Good Quality?

At the point of purchase, ask if the hair is virgin or Remy hair. Virgin hair refers to hair that has not been subjected to any form of chemical treatments, including curling, chemical straightening, bleaching and dyeing. "100% human" is another signifier of hair quality.

Always sample the hair first. Order a sample from the company, and make sure the hair you have received is of good quality. You can check to see if the hair is virgin quality by doing certain checks:

Chemical check: Do a sniff test to make sure the hair has no chemicals in it, and see if you can catch any smells from relaxing or a perm. You can also apply a small amount of neutralizing shampoo to the hair, and see if it turns pink – a sure sign of chemical treatment.

Cuticle check: 100% virgin hair has cuticles, which you can check for by running your finger down the hair length. As you go down, the hair should feel smooth, but you should find some resistance as you move up the shaft. Additionally, the hair shouldn’t feel "too" perfect – if it comes straight from a donor, you should find some irregularities within it.

And there you have it! Just keep the following pointers in mind and you will never make the wrong weave-related decision.

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