Challenges For The Creation Of Smart Cities

Challenges For The Creation Of Smart Cities

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With the paradigm of climate change in which we live, the coming shortage of natural resources and the need to look for new sources of energy, there is a term that has entered the mouth of everyone: the creation of Smart Cities.
From politicians, to scientists and associations of ecologists, in all areas of the developed world, we are aiming towards these modern cities, cities that use healthy energies and make intelligent use of their economic sources.
However, although we all have a rough idea of ​​what a Smart City is, there is much that escapes our superficial knowledge. It is important to understand why it is good for a country to have Smart Cities, what they really are and what are the efforts that are currently being made in our region to create Latin American Smart Cities.

What are Smart Cities?
Smart cities are those that are constantly developing their potential in technology and innovation. For this they need to apply and work with each of their resources, obtaining all their benefits from them.
A smart city requires the support of all its components: population, agents, companies, among others. So the development of a Smart City is based on much more than technology and industry, it is a result of social cooperation.
On the other hand, if we focus on the technological point of view, an "intelligent city" will become an ecosystems sustainable system of great complexity (which in turn contains many more complex subsystems). That is, it can be summarized in a global ecosystem in which multiple processes that are closely linked and that should be commented as a whole coexist.
This is how the creation of a Smart City, is done solely by seeking to promote sustainable development, in order to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Important factors to call a city "Smart City"

As stated above, it is necessary that certain technologies and factors are present in order for a city to become intelligent. Between them we have:

A stable economy

Easy mobility

A healthy environment

The habitants.

The lifestyle.

Good administration.

Basic ingredients for the creation of Smart Cities

For the creation of Smart Cities there are certain things that can help speed up the transformation process. It is very important to know the concepts very well and take them into account when talking about smart cities. Between them we have:


Energy is a very important part in the development of a Smart City. But really, what is energy? Simple, energy is the property or capacity that bodies and substances have to produce transformations around them. During these transformations, energy is exchanged through two mechanisms: in the form of work or in the form of heat.

Now, it is important to remember that energy does not come from a single source and that there are several types of energies available to be used. Among them are: thermal or caloric, electrical, mechanical, potential, kinetic, ionic, electromagnetic, chemical and nuclear.

Smart Grid

Smart Grids are intelligent electrical networks interconnected with each other, circulating in both directions between the data control center and the user. In a Smart City this management network allows to significantly increase energy efficiency, increasing speed and improving the conventional network.
These electrical distribution networks integrate the developments in electrical engineering, energy storage and information and communication technologies (ICTs), provide relevant information for the saving and use of energy.

Challenges for the creation of Smart Cities

It is more than obvious that smart cities have a close relationship with technology, but this is not the only thing that makes a common city, an intelligent one. When there are so many factors intervening, it is clear that all must be maintained at a high level of excellence.
It is at this moment when the needs of citizens and the concern for environmental issues present themselves, it becomes great challenges. These end up generating a high level of anguish and alertness in each of the people and companies that make up this city.

Main barriers

Returning to the problems that may arise when creating a Smart City, it is important to highlight some barriers that usually surround Smart Cities:

Little information about the advantages of living in a Smart City, resulting in less interest in the development of the project.

Lack of indicators to take appropriate measures in the face of problems.

Lack of leadership: command voices are needed for the project to follow its course as it should.

Electoral period: the project of a Smart City must not be accepted before an election.
Must be independent economically and politically.

Lack of definition of a business model that ensures the total financing of the project.

Smart Cities in Colombia

Unfortunately in Colombia there is still no city that can have the title of Smart City, but even so the country is not far behind. Currently, Bogotá is one of the cities in the world that is moving faster in terms of smart cities. One of its advances we can appreciate it with the implantation of the massive public transport system; the 'Bus Rapid Transit'.
In the same way, through different strategies, social and cultural programs, Medellín is looking to obtain the Smart City name. From free internet in various parts of the city, to the use of electric cars with the support of the mayor's office and good reception of users, we can have the full assurance that Medellín will become part of the group of smart cities.

What does it take to have Smart Cities in Colombia?

In addition to the above, Colombia does not have cities with the full title of Smart Cities, but it is not far from achieving it. To give a better idea of ​​what this country needs to achieve its goal, the following points should be taken into account:

Create true awareness of what it means to have a Smart City.

The creation of specialized standards.

Application of the RITEL (Technical Regulation for Internal Telecommunications Networks).

Fiber optic infrastructure

Select who will manage the Big Data.

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