Ms. Caseworker's Ears Perked Immediately Up

Ms. Caseworker's Ears Perked Immediately Up

Russell's caseworker is attentive and took notes throughout the whole visit. She requested good questions and was very supportive of me. She made positive there was nothing I wanted of her.

And proper now - things are good. I didn't want Ms. Caseworker for something other than permission to give Russell's Human Hair Bundles a trim. She assured me she'll get permission from Bio Mother for that at tomorrow's go to. In case you loved this post as well as you would like to get more details regarding click the up coming internet site i implore you to check out the page.

Whereas we had been chatting, Ms. Caseworker requested me if I had some other foster children in our home. I informed her no. It is essential for me to be able to meet all of Russell's wants and I could not do that and juggle another case at the identical time. Nonetheless, I did add, "I am additionally maintaining my residence open in case the State wants to move Russell's sisters right here."

Ms. Caseworker's ears perked immediately up.

She could be very unhappy with the current relative placement the women are in. As a result of yes, the State was in a position to get custody of child Star just lately as effectively. I suppose Russell' sisters are with an aunt. I think there are as many as 11 youngsters in the house. Ms. Caseworker doesn't like that grownup/baby ratio!

Nothing goes to happen right away. But yes, I did say that I might take Violet (age 3) and Star (newborn). We've obtained the room and the ability to manage all three youngsters - particularly since Russell is so incredibly straightforward to manage on a daily foundation. And because it'd simply be one case, I would not be coping with a separate visit schedule (most certainly) and court would happen all at the identical time for all three children. Multiple cases is crazy hard to manage. However three children isn't as dangerous when they're all part of the same case.

We'll see what occurs. Foster care is nothing if not an adventure!!

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