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The Company

The cooperative La Reggia is one of the main fruit and vegetable farms in the South of Italy. Founded in 1985 by the union of small and medium farmers. The Company is located in San Marcellino in Caserta and it is equipped with modern platform for processing and distribution of products; of about 2000 square meters covered, the productions are subjected to conditioning and packaging, ready for marketing. There are the most modern machinery (automatic washing machine, flow pack,bagging,weigh-price labeler and laminater). The products ready for distribution, national and international, are chilled in cold at a controlled temperature and then loaded directly onto refrigerated trucks.




    • ° To commercialize product with high quality standards in compliance with applicable regulations.
      ° To Ensure that the goods sold meets all the characteristics, sensory and market demands of the modern major retail chains, both national and European.
      ° To follow rules of conduct are such  as to minimize the impact of production on the environment, in order to preserve it for future generations.


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Product quality is the primary objective of the Reggia’s Company. A team of experts follows constantly the production and continuously performs a series of tests in the laboratory to ensure the ongoing monitoring of the production cycle, from cultivation to harvesting, to packaging and shipping. Continuous investments also ensure the integrity of the production and continuous improvement of the supply chain which, for this very reason, it offers exceptional performance in terms of quantity, but above all quality. An important task to ensure, to the customer, good quality and origin of the product. In each package, ensures traceability to the last user and also the large retail chains. A mean seriously, first of all, genuine products.